Oweida Ayman Jafar

Professeur régulier
Département de médecine nucléaire et radiobiologie


Courriel : Ayman.Jafar.Oweida@USherbrooke.ca

Importance de la recherche

Nearly 50% of all cancer patients receive radiotherapy (RT) for curative intent and approximately 70% receive RT for palliative disease. My research aims to understand how radiation modulates the tumor immune microenvironment and developing rationale immu

My lab is focused on understanding how radiation modulates the immune system in cancer. The effects of radiation can be paradoxical depending on the dose and fractionation, the tumor being targeted and the host's immune system. Radiation has the potential to induce an anti-tumor immune response, but can also induce a pro-tumorigenic immune microenvironment. Elucidating such mechanisms is the cornerstone of my research.